Maintain User UCs

Use Cases

  • USAD-01 Create New User
  • USAD-02 Get List of Users
  • USAD-03 Verify User's Principal
  • USAD-04 Establish Login (Link Credentials to Account)
  • USAD-05 Change Profile Data
  • USAD-06 Auto-Update existing records (FUTURE)

Not pictured

  • USAD-07 Manually award Achievements

Proof of Concept

This has been checked out:

  1. Setup account without password (USAD-01)
  2. Register an app using account with an image (Reg App) (depends on the USAD-01 getting the records onto both systems)
  3. Assign an achievement or so. (USAD-07 or doing stuff from the app)
  4. Login to that account using Social Media hookup using account with matching password. (USAD-04)
  5. Badges should be visible in both the app and the website.


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