Manually Add Course

These are the steps for manually adding a New Course


Additional Paths / Steps

  • Create a path using RideWithGPS from one location to another. Both locations should be Game Ready (Blue) Attractions.
  • Export the GPX file.
  • Run the GpxMain program against that file to store the list of coordinates in the database as an Edge record. Record the new Edge ID.
  • Use MobiLoc to find the Location IDs of the Game Ready Attraction endpoints. Hovering will tell you the Location ID.
  • Use the Location Table to map the Location ID to a Node ID.
  • Create a net Path record by entering those two Node IDs. Record the new Path ID assigned by the database.
  • Connect the Path to the Edge by entering both IDs into a new record in the Path_to_Edge table. (we do not need the ID of that new record).
  • Connect the Course to the Path by entering a record in the course_to_path table, incrementing the order of the Path as you go.
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