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This page has been superceded by the page New GWT Maven Project as of 2015.

Historical (from Aug 2010)

Found that I have recorded my steps under here: GoogleWebToolkit. Try that path and see where I end up. May be deleting all this and just leaving a reference over to the other stuff.


Generate POM from Archetype

Using m2eclipse to generate a GWT-based project.

  1. File -> New -> Project: select Maven -> Maven Project
  2. M:\javaSrc\projects as the workspace location.
  3. Set filter to "gwt-maven-plugin" for the archetype. Version used on 23 Oct 09 show as 1.1 in one place and 1.1-SNAPSHOT in another.
  4. Enter details of the new module

Make corrections to the pom.xml.

  • Details on the page GWTMaven-1.6
  • probably want to review these.

Changes to Application Name


  • Bring the new project up under hosted mode
  • Deploy new project to Tomcat
  • Checked into SVN

Issues found getting project to run under hosted mode

Log File problem with Hibernate

  • First, it took a long time to find where the error was being logged.
  • Second, it took a long time to figure out how to correct the error.
  • Details found under GWT Hosted Hibernate Logger

This is all from the other archetype:

  1. Version 1.0.4 of the archetype is apparently using GWT 1.5.3; this pointed out a few changes to be made to the pom.xml:
    • gwtVersion : 1.6.4
    • maven.compiler.source : 1.5
    • : 1.5
    • ignoring for now: : ${basedir}/target/gwt
    • ignoring for now: gwt.module.alias : listTags

App File renaming

None of the supplied "Application" files have been renamed from their original names as setup by the archetype.

  • gwtVersion as noted above.
  • Not as clear the 1.5 is required.
  • Setup of the Arguments tab of the Hosted Mode.
  • Putting src directories on the path under hosted mode (Classpath tab of Hosted Mode)
  • Adding definition
  • gwt.module.alias doesn't appear to have any effect; could be a follower instead of a leader.
  • Maybe needing to setup the Maven compile

Running/Deploying Test App

  • MavenHostedModeSetup
  • MavenWarDeploymentSetup
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