Maven Use Cases

Setup Maven

  • Maven Install - Start here.
  • Maven Workspace - Setting up a Maven workspace is a little different from other standard workspaces. This goes along with ''"convention over configuration"''.
  • m2eclipse Install - (was called MavenPluginInstall) - Getting m2Eclipse ready for Eclipse.

Managing Repos

  • Repos that should be shared with the project should be named in the pom.xml for that project.
  • Maven Manual Add Jars - Sometimes it is necessary to manually add a jar to the local repo.
  • Nexus Repository Management - Runs on a Tomcat server to provide a managed/cached repository common to a team.
  • Maven Load Javadocs - Asking Maven to bring in the sources and javadocs for a given library.

Create Maven Projects

  • Create Maven Archtype - start with an existing project shell and turn it into an archtype for creating other similar projects.
  • Integration Testing - Maven understands Unit Testing, but not so much Integration Testing. This page discusses various approaches for addressing Integration Testing.
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