• This is easier if you have a Maven project to help sort out the problems. If you're importing a project from SCM, it doesn't hurt to import that project into a new workspace and then proceed with this setup. This setup is intended to resolve issues you may have compiling, but not importing the project.
  • Settings for the local repository:
You may need to touch the pom.xml to get Eclipse to kick off another build.
  • You may see something like this:
7/5/09 3:54:13 PM EDT: [WARN] Error scanning context: local Cannot delete C:\development\mavenTestWorkspace2\.metadata\.plugins\org.maven.ide.eclipse\nexus\local\_0.cfs
7/5/09 3:54:13 PM EDT: Unable to reindex local repository
Just delete the _0.cfs file and rebuild the index.
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