Methods Of Awarding Badges

API against BadgeOS

Generally, the app is able to call into BadgeOS using a GET call that specifies the user and achievement which are both static. Dynamic information would land in the App's database.

Reference: Award Badges API and Badge Design


  • Single internal action by Game - Registered Player App
  • Single external action visiting URL - Visited Course Page as an example
  • Action linked to separate page back to App - Alternate confirmation for multi-step external pages.
  • Game Events - Logging in, answering puzzle question,
  • Manual Recommendation - Admin reviews and approves a request to be awarded an achievement. Can carry information to be reviewed.


  • For a "Publicist": How to score a post to Facebook? Can we tap into the Facebook API to know when the post action is complete? If so, we can programmatically make a call and record the post response as well as invoke the awarding of the achievement. Review Action might carry this load.
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