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This has morphed into Play Narrative

Also see Begin Play Narratives

The Basics

  1. Solve Puzzle
  2. Unlock Clue
  3. Ride and Repeat

There's a lot going on with this page and maybe it should be broken out, but here are a few bullet points to help make sense of this diagram:

  • The Begin Play Narratives have been completed by the time the Actors get to this point.
  • Many of the actions are color-coded to help identify which actions are expected to be performed by which actors. This coding is exploratory more than it is definitive.
  • Two State Diagrams:
    • Outing State is a single state for everyone on the outing (with the exception of an individual having answered the puzzle correctly, although each individual's state is tracked as part of the outing). Note that there are red-labeled transitions signifying a Guide or at least the server having generated the event.
    • History State is tracked on the client, and keeps track of where on the map of "opened" attractions the actor is walking backwards in time.
  • Forward/Next and Back/Previous are actions that simply walk the history.
  • When the history reaches either end, things get more interesting and there should probably be another page for those transitions and logic.


  • Guest
  • Armchair Explorer who has logged in
  • Armchair Explorer remaining anonymous
  • Solo Flyer (future player who will perhaps be a Guide in training)
  • Guide who leads an outing

Also see Clue Ride Actors

Two categories of actions taken by users

  1. Actively playing the game including viewing of the history
  2. Viewing/Editing settings.

These are significant because of the navigation choices:

Navigation Choices

  • Bubble Navigation
    • changes with Outing and History State
    • Outing State is picked up from the server since it is shared across the team
    • History State is tracked client-side and is reset back to the current state by either a change of Outing State, or by clicking the "Home" button (which triggers a read of the server state).
  • Frame Icons
    • Menu - the Slide Menu described below
    • Team - Shows who else is logged in under your team; only available when logged in
    • Home - Brings the Bubble Nav view back to the forefront and current with the Outing State (jumps you out of the History back to the current)
    • Map - Shows where you are on the map
    • Help - Context appropriate page.
  • Slide Menu - Comes out on either a slide or pressing the Menu option on the Frame
    • Location - Shows the current Attraction in history
    • Logout - shutdown your session
    • Profile - Edit your preferences
    • Badges - Recognition you've been awarded
    • Outing Details - Show details of your upcoming or current outing.
    • Help - Again
    • ICE - Quick page for emergencies

Narrative - Guest

The Begin Play Narrative (Guest) will have been completed prior to reaching this point. This will get the Guest to the "Awaiting Start" page.

As the team awaits the arrival of all members, the Guest may wish to review some of these items on the menu, but this describes the flow.

  1. Once the Guide confirms the team, the auto-polling of Outing State will pick up the transition from 01 (Awaiting Start) to 02 (Solve Clue). The "Home" screen will change to "(Arrived) Solve Clue" page.
  2. On the Solve Clue page, the usual choice will be to open the Clue Dialog, choose from the multiple-choice answers, and if correct, will proceed to the "Awaiting Consensus" page. This is actually a review of attraction history page, but the title will reflect that the team is awaiting the Guide's acknowledgement of everyone's answers.
  3. When the Guide is satisfied everyone has had an opportunity to answer the clue,
    1. the clue is marked as "solved",
    2. the next attraction and it's path is revealed,
    3. the state changes to "Riding" and
    4. the group starts riding to the next attraction
  4. In the "Riding" state, the Guest is able to view the map. When Viewing the Map:
    1. The polling of position is enabled so current position on the map is continuously updated.
    2. An icon in the nav bar indicates polling is on as long as the map is open
    3. Polling is disabled when a different page from map is opened.
  5. The Guest is also able to advance the Home page up to the next destination or previous pages for reviewing History.
    1. Back / Forward Buttons walk to previous locations, and the Title will reflect the location except in two cases:
      1. Already at the START
      2. Already either RIDING or at the last Attraction that has been revealed.
  6. When walking the History backward and when the first attraction/location is reached, the "START" page is presented. On the Start Page:
    1. Player can view the Outing details
    2. View the Location on a Map
    3. Walk the history to the next attraction on the route
  7. When walking the History forward, and the last attraction/location is reached, one of the following pages is presented:
    • "Riding" page if the group is still riding (hope they weren't in control of a moving bike while navigating this app).
    • "Solve Clue" page if the group has arrived, but not yet solved the clue.
    • Circles back to the same page if the clue has been solved and the group is "Awaiting consensus"
  8. When the Guide has ensured the entire group has arrived at the next location, they trigger the "Arrival" event. This brings the user to the "Arrive / Solve Clue" page

Special Case: History visit to destination while riding

Noted that player in "Riding" state may want to check the destination before they arrive. Make sure the History navigation is able to clearly lead back to the proper page. Home should work, but want to consider what forward / backward mean at this point.

Narrative - Armchair Explorer

Only differences from the Guest are listed. The main differences are the following:

  • Profile and logging in are not required; no badges or other personal information needs to be tracked.
  • There is a set course with a non-location specific set of clues.
  • Undecided regarding the team. Would like to simulate, but until there is social interaction available within the app, it doesn't make a lot of sense to show a set of names you can't contact.
  • All Guide events are simulated by the server.
  • All GPS events are simulated by the server.
  • Outing details are those of the Demo Outing.

Numbers below match those above for the Guest:

  1. Instead of waiting for the "team" to arrive, the Outing details page will explain that typically there will be a guide who reveals the first clue, and that the clue would be specific to the location. When the armchair explorer "starts", they will be ready to solve the first clue. It probably makes sense to also encourage them to look at the Location page to see where they have begun their journey (maybe the first question can refer to a picture?)
  2. Solve Clue works similar to Invited User except the answers won't depend on actually being on location. Also, there won't be any waiting for the team to solve the clues.
  3. When the Armchair Explorer answers the clue correctly, the same transitions occur as if the Guide had issued "Clue Solved".
  4. In the Riding State, the GPS position will proceed at an accelerated pace; max wait time would be 15-20 seconds to cover the path to the next attraction. Polling interval for Armchair will be higher, around a second or so versus 6-10 second updates for others.
  5. Reviewing the history is the same for all users.
  6. Walking backward is the same for all users.
  7. Walking forward is the same for all users.
  8. Since there is no Guide to signal arrival, the server will trigger the arrival event when the GPS position reaches the end of the course's path.
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