Play Narrative

This evolved from Old Play Narratives. The purpose is to highlight the transitions that are triggered by Server Sent Events.



  1. Guide will have invited a Team to join an Outing (INV-01 Create Team, INV-02 Prepare Invitations, INV-03 Send Invitations).
  2. Players will have loaded the app onto their mobile devices (Downloading and Installing the App, registration-design).
  3. At the scheduled time and location for the Outing, the Team meets with the Guide and the Guide prepares them to play (Pre-Ride Review).
  4. The app is opened by all the players, and the Rolling Map is shown with the current location, the start of the Outing (PLAY-01 Await Start).
  5. The Guide confirms the team (PLAY-02 Confirm Team) and via the SSE transition, the first puzzle is shown (PLAY-11 Present Puzzle); this puzzle is based on the start location.
  6. As players submit their answers, they get immediate feedback regarding whether their answer is correct or not. While awaiting all answers to be submitted (PLAY-12), each player (and Guide) gets feedback on the number of answers submitted. This helps the Guide to decide whether to reveal the next Rolling segment (PLAY-13) which tells the team how to get to the next Attraction.
  7. Players then ride (PLAY-14) to the next Attraction and are able to follow on the map. The map also allows bringing up the page for any Attractions that have already been visited (still thinking about whether or not the upcoming attraction is included; probably yes).
  8. Upon Arrival at the next Attraction PLAY-15, the next puzzle is revealed and we're back at step 5 for the next Attraction.

Player continue to loop through Puzzle, Solution, Ride, Arrive until Team arrives at the final destination. There may or may not be a Return to Start (PLAY-30).

Significant Server Sent Events

Each of these are asynchronous events pushed from the server out to subscribing clients. The client session is what allows setting up the subscription channel(s).

There are two basic types of SSE:


  • Indicates connection status
  • Tethered position

State Transition

  • Confirming Team (Arrival at Start)
  • Answer Summaries across team
  • Ready to Roll
  • Arrival at next Attraction
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