Player Use Case Analysis
This page takes a look at the various dimensions of playing Clue Ride in an effort to generate a complete list of Use Cases. An intermediate step between this analysis and the UC is the generation of the Clue Ride Narratives.


  • Modes of Play
  • Types of Courses
  • Rider Ability
  • Badges to be earned (roles to be played)

Each of these are looked at in more detail below:

Modes of Play

Depending on what you've got available, there are a number of options available. Here are the basics you would need to play:

  • Internet connection required to show map, clues, and locations/destinations.
  • Mobile internet connection when out in the field (at least one team member)
  • GPS-enabled device for showing current position on the map (preferably the mobile phone).
  • Bicycle (most of the courses are suitable for cycling, but running/walking are maybe 2-3 standard deviations out from the mean.)
  • Ability to carry food and lock the bike
  • Confidence riding on certain portions of the course (hills, on-street with traffic, with children)

Armchair Clue Rider

Individual or small group in front of a computer at home

  • Suitable for the following situations
    • Someone unable to actually ride (no bike, bad weather, injured/disabled, no partner to ride with)
    • Training (earns a badge) and familiarization
    • Internet access, but not a mobile/GPS device
  • Choose a sample course (based on current location perhaps)
  • The clues to solve are based on cycling knowledge instead of place-specific questions.
  • Your progress through the course follows a simulated session

Team Play with a Badged Leader

Group of 2 to 8-12 riders decide to meet at a given location and participate as a group.

  • Ride Leader responsible for the following:
    • Makes sure team stays together
    • Confirms the arrival of all team members at each location (important for revealing the next clue)
    • Their GPS device serves as the "tether" for mobile devices without GPS.

Team vs. Team "Competition"

When group gets above 8 riders, may consider breaking into two teams that compete to answer the questions first. This is still being worked out.


  • Individual rider trying out the course.
  • Has GPS enabled so questions won't be revealed until the rider is sufficiently close to the clue's location. (Some clues will require data found at the clue's location so this isn't always a factor, but helps avoid someone solving the question by not presenting the question until they arrive.)

Types of Courses

Fixed course with given start and destination

Suitable for specific destinations:

  • Picnics at a Park
  • Dinner at a restaurant
  • Arriving at some other event


Suitable for:

  • Themed courses (such as Tiny Doors or Champion Trees)
  • Can be picked up at any spot along the way
  • Refreshments and food can be picked up along the way

Open Courses

  • Make it up as you go along
  • Provide choices at each location for where to go next: cultural, shopping, food, refreshments.
  • Allows assembling your own course with your own schedule.

Rider Ability

Strong and Confident

All courses are open to this class of rider.

  • Rides regularly on the streets
  • Not worried about hills or traffic conditions
  • Covering 15-20 miles is easy.


Some restrictions on the courses: avoid some stretches and limit length of the course

  • Occasional cyclist (few times a year)
  • More comfortable with low-traffic residential streets and bike-specific infrastructure
  • 15 miles is a moderate workout, but won't hurt me too bad the next day
  • Reasonably athletic middle-school aged kids and older
  • Hills may become a factor

Less Active and younger/older

Choose courses with fewer challenges.

  • Travelling with kids on bikes younger than middle-school
  • Travelling with anyone who doesn't get much activity regardless of age
  • Some hills may require walking up; prefer the flatter courses
  • 6-10 miles. Hmm. We'll see.
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