Pre Ride Review

Use Case - Pre-ride Preview

This describes a brief meeting at the start of an Outing when everyone has gathered and final preparations are being made before starting the game.


  • Guide
  • Guest Seekers


There are Ad Hoc steps and Guide-led steps.

Ad Hoc

There is no particular order since Guests will be arriving on their own schedule. These items may be completed in any order. Many of these items are replicated on the Accept Invitation page.

  • Opportunity for Guests to review their profile.
  • Opportunity for Guests to review their badges.
  • Opportunity for Guests to review the ICE.
  • Guide will explaing the choices for GPS and the benefits / drawbacks of each.


  • Check each person has logged in and has an active session on the Team page
  • Review Safety pointers with team (easier when entire team has assembled).


  • Guests are logged in to the Home page of the game and ready for the Team to be Confirmed.

Once this is completed, the Guide will Confirm Team which opens play.

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