Progress Chips

This is a Category of Badge that leads to a Badge in one of three ways:
- Role-based Badge with potentially nested criteria (Adept Seeker is an example)
- Specific (Close-ended) set of accomplishments (all the Tiny Doors, for example)
- Open-ended set of accomplishments whose event counts become achievements (# of visits to Breakfast Locations, for example)

Lists of Themes

  • The envisioned future list is held in the Badge Constellation (opens in new tab)
  • The definitive operational (Database) list is found in the table `location_type`.
  • The definitive published list for the public is found on the Clue Ride page for Themes.

Alignment between the three lists is a Checklist item.

In all cases, the data will be displayed according to this UC: BDG-21: Show Progress:

  • Badge Icon with appropriate color.
  • Name
  • Current Count out of
  • Award Level Count
  • Link to the Badge's Site

Criteria for distinguishing between Open-ended and Close-ended

  • Stability It takes time to visit all the locations within a Theme. If the locations come and go on a time-scale that is shorter than the time required to achieve the badge, the badges won't ever be actually earned.
  • Geographic Proximity Physically reaching a particular destination itself may be aspirational. If there isn't a course that visits a given location, that location won't be able to contribute toward a badge. This could be a reason for excluding a particular location however, and not necessarily factor into a decision of which type of Theme.
  • Sheer Number of Sites There are many dozens of Champion Trees. Visiting all of them would make for a challenging badge. It may be feasible to have an open-ended badge that counts total unique visits or total visits while a close-ended badge is created for a subset which is reachable by courses.

Role-based Progress Chip

  • For the Role-based badges with nested criteria, the progress is rolled up to the top-level badge which is awarded. This means a top-level badge with two sub-achievements which require 3 and 4 steps respectively will carry a total of 7 steps to be accomplished.

Close-ended Progress Chip

The Clue Ride page for themes shows a set of what are probably close-ended themes — I do state that covering each attraction will earn a badge.

  • Visiting all the Tiny Doors, all the Farmer's Markets, all the Craft Breweries, Art on the Belt-line series, Activity Themes for Streets Alive, Little Libraries, Champion Trees
  • Physical Courses with Waypoints

Open-ended Progress Chip

  • Counts of certain activities such as Breakfast Locations, Ice Cream, Monuments, Meditative spots, Arbors for Tree bathing.
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