Review GPS Tether

Use Case - Review GPS Tether

Also see Activity Indicator under "Active Session" section regarding implementation ideas.

This Use Case also allows for those whose devices do not have a GPS receiver to participate.

This is also an opportunity to discuss privacy; how the data is shared, and some of the risks with revealing your position. Having this discussion awards Seekers with GPS awareness badge.


  • Guide
  • Guests


  • Guests are arriving at the Initial Attraction for an Outing
  • Guests are active in the Game


  1. Guide directs Guests to note the status of their link indicator. This means their device is either communicating with the server or not. This can also be reviewed on the Team page to see if other team members are active.
  2. Guide directs Guests to pull up their GPS page. The browser should ask Seekers whether or not they wish to allow the GPS receiver to be turned on.
  3. Guests navigate to the GPS page.
  4. Guide explains the two options for picking up "current position" and encourages Guests to choose appropriately.


  • Tethered Mode is either set or not set appropriate to the Seeker's preferences.
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