SD RouteSave

Since I haven't figured out a good drawing tool for SD under Linux, I'm currently just listing out the sequence of calls.

  • Ask the RequestParams what routeToSave (String)
  • GPXBuilder.initializeTemplate();
  • routeParser.requestRouteToSave( routeToSave, "RouteSourceName");
    • setRouteName(routeToSave)
    • Setup the Proxy call
    • Setup the callback
    • Make call to the proxy service: getRoute(routeName, routeSourceName, callback)

Asynchronously, the proxy does it stuff:

  • rtSrc = RouteSourceBase.getInstance(routeSourceName)
  • routeUrl = rtSrc.getRouteUrl(routeName)
  • getResource(routeUrl)
  • ResourceManager.getResource(routeUrl)

Incomplete because I reached the point where my question was answered ;-).

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