Setting Up (and renewing) SSL

The examples here are for setting up SSL against both the Jetty server running in development mode and another certificate for Apache front end on a Tomcat server running production. See SSL Requirements for more detail regarding the needs that are addressed.


Servers being setup for SSL

  • Apache SSL Configuration (production)
  • Tomcat SSL Configuration (test)
  • Jetty SSL Configuration (dev)


For further details: Renewing a Certificate heading of this page (opens in a new tab)
The Let's Encrypt certs are good for 90 days. To renew, follow these steps:

  • git "repo" on sagitta
  • letsencrypt-auto script

To setup a new site, run the letsencrypt-auto script without any parameters. It's possible it can pick up the list of sites/domains from the configuration files.

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