Show Next Attraction

** This Use Case is out-dated and geared toward the bubble-based game. **
Also see Attraction Page Layout

Use Case - Show Current/Upcoming Attraction

This page is presented both as "Current Location" when in the At Location state, and as "Next Location" while riding toward that location. There are a few goals for this Use Case:

  • Allow the players to recognize the location.
  • Encourage learning about the location.
  • Provide additional information in the form of links.
  • Identify nearby facilities such as bike parking, water, or shelter.

Also see Attraction Details.


TeamMember, TeamLeader


  • Location has to have been "reached" or "revealed" as the Team progresses along the route.


  1. For the location, there will be a set of images presented as a carousel. This may or may not be animated.
  2. Also for the location, a text description and related links are provided.
  3. If there are bike-related amenities, these are identified as well.
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