Task Oriented Maintenance

Generally, the focus of this narrative is to find the worst problems and address them. Problems are expected to be reported against Locations (and their puzzles) and routes.

Key to this is an ability to rank the problems.

  • For Task-oriented Maintenance, the steward is given a list ranked by importance.
  • Once an item is selected, it can be shown on the map.
  • Filtering can be done on these attributes (which also affect the scoring)
    • Proximity to current location
    • Importance of Courses that depend on the location
    • Type of work required (new image, puzzles out-of-date, etc.)

Menus / UCs for this narrative:

  • Show the ranked list (and offer ability to filter)
  • Show details of a task (feature, and what is reported)
  • Show Editor for the Feature (generally location, but could be route)
  • Add Puzzles for a Location
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