Track Persistence (Obsolete)

NOTE: At this time, tracks and LineString are persisted in a file system. This may remain feasible since this data is generally loaded into memory and only changes slowly. After all, it's a map.

  • Investigate the variable length fields in MySQL. This will hold Encoded Points and Encoded Levels. Interested to know typical length and maximum length. I've got 1210 points in the Century ride. Not sure how big the encoded points and levels strings are.
  • Does serializing the object and storing in as a binary make sense?
  • How do we hold elevation data?
  • Select the EncodedTrack fields to be persisted.
~Field ~Persist/Calc
encodedPoints Calc
encodedLevels Calc
routeName persist
distance persist
maxLat persist
minLat persist
maxLon persist
minLon persist
startLat persist
startLon persist
endLat persist
endLon persist
routeSourceName persist
hillCategory ??
maxSlope ??
facilityType ??
bikeTrain ??
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