UC Edit Bike Train


Choose from a list of Bike Trains which bike train to edit, present form for making changes.

Basic Course of Events

  • If user is logged in, list of Bike Trains is presented as permitted by their authority, sorted by name, ride leader, or date
  • Options to filter
    • Name
    • Ride Leader
    • Date
  • If user is not logged in, do not present option to edit.
  • When Bike Train is selected for editing, present form with fields that can be modified:
    • Ride Leader's name (required)
    • Departure time (required)
    • Arrival estimate (required)
    • email address of ride leader (optional)
    • phone # for ride leader (optional)
    • Notes for the ride (optional)
    • Date (perhaps a pull-down is in order? this would mean configuring the choices.)
  • Save writes changes to disk
  • Save as Copy creates a new record
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