UC Enter Bike Train


Take a route (bikely or wherever), add a leader with contact information, and collect details about the start/stop times.

  • It is possible that one Dialog would capture and another dialog would allow editing.
  • On entry of a new route, the BikeTrain details being added should automatically be added to the next quarter's group. This implies that the next quarter's group should already have been added and is available. It needs to be in the database before we can assign a BikeTrain to a group.

Basic Course of Events

  • Enter a route into Bikely.com or other tool.
  • Choose to save this route as a bike train; a Bike Train Entry dialog pops up.
  • Dialog is presented alongside the route with a dialog to collect the following fields:
    • Ride Leader's name (required)
    • Departure time (required)
    • Arrival estimate (required)
    • email address of ride leader (optional)
    • phone # for ride leader (optional)
    • Notes for the ride (optional)
    • DisplayGroup(Id) (default to next quarter's BikeTrain)
    • Date (auto-populated) Currently not part of the DisplayGroup; not sure how I could implement this.
    • Key to the BikeTrain (hidden, only if available since the BikeTrain record won't have been created yet upon entry)
    • Take a look at what else we commit. (hidden)
  • Details are submitted by user and validated by system
  • Data is presented on full map alongside other routes matching the group chosen for the BikeTrain. Refresh on the chosen DisplayGroup.

Alternate Course (for Actor Map Maker)

  • Request Bike Train Map with a list of all available routes
  • Present map of the routes and a sidebar table listing:
    • Name of Route
    • "Edit" or "Create New" button depending on whether there was an existing record or not.
  • Highlight the appropriate table item when mouseover the route on the map. (optional)
  • Highlight the route on the map when table item is selected. (optional)
  • "Create New" button presents the Dialog listed as detailed above.

Related Use Cases

Design Aspects

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