UC EnterCommuteProfile


From Rebecca Serna's email on Oct. 14:

I would like to see an option for people to include their (more or less) schedules and any contact information they would like to provide. Maybe you could add a category for "shared bike commute" or "bike pool"? I'd love to have a map we could embed on atlantabike.org that would help people discover fellow bike commuters in their neighborhoods or workplaces. It could be a tool to build community as well as make those new to or considering bike commuting pick up those wheels and roll with it!

Picking out a few bullet points:

  • Enter a schedule
    • Days of week
    • inbound hour range
    • outbound hour range
  • Contact information (each item entered could be held privately)
    • email (required)
    • phone
    • website
  • The route (GPX format currently, but other formats are also possible)
  • Bike Buddy?

Sequence of Events

  1. User accesses site and system asks for identity
  2. Once identity is confirmed (OpenID is an option), user is directed to screen holding their current information or a template if this is first visit.
  3. At this point user has the following choices:
    1. UC Claim Route to select a route they use
    2. Maintain Schedule information
    3. Maintain Contact information (including what should be made public)
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