Add Puzzles

Use Case: Add Puzzles to Attraction

Puzzles are the meat of the game, but they spoil over time. Assuring we've got fresh meat makes the game.

For a given attraction, the puzzles may not be located exactly where the attraction is, but instead, nearby enough that seekers don't feel like they're leaving the location to solve the puzzle and unlock the clue.

Value goes up for a puzzle that
a) depends on your physical presence
b) is semi-permanent
c) might be "hidden in plain view"

It is possible for attractions to
a) share puzzles if they are close enough
b) have more than one puzzle (to choose from as part of setting up courses)

When editing an attraction, there may be zero, one or more puzzles, but it is called a Place until it has at least one puzzle. The puzzle makes it Course Worthy.

To solve the puzzle and unlock the clue, the seeker will choose one of 2-4 multiple choice answers.


  • Steward / Ranger


  • In the field with the Ranger tool on mobile device.
  • List of attractions needing a puzzle or puzzles (either new puzzles or there's an issue with expired/broken/spoiled puzzles)


  1. Bring up the editing page for your current location
  2. Ride to that location and look for something nearby that would serve as a good puzzle (criteria listed above). «Need a name for this "something"»
  3. Open the "Puzzles" tab for the Attraction
  4. Choose to enter new puzzle
  5. Enter a question whose answer is given by the "something"
  6. Enter the correct answer and a set of incorrect answers as well.
  7. Preview the puzzle and either commit to the attraction or resume editing.

Alternative Paths

None at this time.


Attraction has one more lock. If this is the Attraction's first lock, the readiness level changes from (see Attraction Details for more details)


Attraction Details

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