Capture Attraction - Adhoc

Use Case: Adhoc Capture

When out in the field, you may stumble across an interesting attraction you want to capture, or, you've got some time on your hands and you'd like to update or fill-in nearby attractions.


  • Ranger


  • Ranger App is able to be run


Considering Voice entry of some of the fields.

  1. Bring up the application
  2. Application shows your current position and nearby locations along with their status and type icon
  3. Choose an attraction to bring into the editor:
    1. Drafts provide guidance for raising the attraction to a Place.
    2. Places provide guidance for raising the attraction to an Attraction.
    3. Also an option to raise Attractions to Featured Destinations, but still exploring this.

Alternative Paths

  1. View a ranked list of Attractions in need of attention with filters for Type and Status. Choosing an attraction here will bring into the appropriate editor as in the main course.


  • Status changes are persisted and reflected on the map (or list).


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