BDG-02 Award Achievement with Record

Use Case: Award Achievement with Record

// After heading a short distance down this path, it becomes more clear that a) we'll want to keep as much data as possible on the BadgeOS side and b) want to assess the risk that we can't get to this data for the purpose of front-end reporting.//

  • Award a specific existing achievement defined in BadgeOS to a user who is also defined is BadgeOS and record local state change to update progress indicator.
  • Generally, an achievement is one "step" towards the awarding of a Badge.
  • For this Use Case, there is a "triggering" event that BadgeOS uses as part of its logic and there is state information tracked and reported within the app.


  • Application - The Core App (server-side) is an example of applications that may request BadgeOS. For security reasons, Mobile Apps would make the request via the server it is authenticated against.


  • User Session is given.
  • List of valid achievements defined within BadgeOS is known.
  • App-side reportable data is valid.


  1. Choose valid achievement
  2. Choose valid user
  3. Send to BadgeOS
  4. Record app-side data
  5. Optionally record outcome - How to do this? Is there something within the response? What options are available?

Alternative Paths

TODO: Sort out how we might keep all the data in one place. (tick-tick)





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