BDG-12: In-Game Display Badge

Use Case: Display Badges In-Game

For a given user, there should be a list of awarded badges. This presents the badges along with links to the main Clue Ride page describing what makes up the badge.


  • Stakeholders who have identified themselves to the system, generally by registering one of the Clue Ride apps on their mobile device.


  • A Clue Ride App is registered on their mobile device.


  1. Bring up the Badges page
  2. System lists out the following for each badge of the registered user:
    1. Badge Icon which is
    2. a link to the Clue Ride page describing the badge.
  3. Link to the badges page on Clue Ride where all badges are shown along with full progress toward other badges which may be earned.
  4. Eligible users may also be shown prospective badges from other areas of Clue Ride. For example, someone who frequently reports problems with puzzles or locations may be invited to participate in earning a Steward badge.

Alternative Paths

None at this time


  • All user badges are listed as icons which serve as links back to the Clue Ride page.
  • A link to the overall badges page is available.


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