BDG-14 New Badge Event

Use Case: New Badge Event

As a participant in any of the games or tools, when I receive a new badge, I would like to be notified so I known when I've completed the requirements.


  • Seekers
  • Guides
  • Really, any one using any of the apps.


  • Running a registered application.

Further possible pre-conditions:

  • Not clear if I want to run the notification if the user's app was closed at the time the notification was issued. I would think yes, but I haven't thought that far ahead.
  • Right now, there is an outing-based channel and a outing-independent channel. Not clear if I've thought through this in sufficient detail.


  1. User completes a step that results in awarding a badge.
  2. Badging system detects that a new badge has been earned by a particular user.
  3. Records for the badge are made in the Badging System.
  4. A notification event for that user and that badge is sent to all systems on the outing where this has occurred.
  5. The notification event is received by the application and a modal dialog presents the newly awarded badge to the user.
  6. This notification must be dismissed before returning to the game.

Alternative Paths

  • Will the application provide notifications if it wasn't monitoring the event channel at the time the event was sent? In other words, will the application present newly awarded badges if those badges had been awarded while the application was not listening on the event channel?

Implementation Note: This probably would entail an acknowledgement of receipt of badge event and or possibly also dismissal of the modal.


  • Modal dialog has been presented showing the new Badge.
  • Following the link will bring the user to the website which provides details about what had been earned along with the criteria for having earned the badge. This is the link to the Badging System for that badge.



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