BDG-21: Show Badge Progress

Use Case: Show Badge Progress

As a participant in ClueRide, I want to see how I'm making progress toward various badges, so I can consider how to best achieve my goals.


  • All users of all apps.



  1. There are a few ways to see the Badge Progress chips. They show up as:
    1. Recent Progress chips on Home Page
    2. Full List of Progress chips on the Badges Page
    3. Part of the recent achievements Page which is a running log of the Achievements. A Progress Chip is included when it moves an appropriate Badge forward. (Maybe more than one per achievement).
  2. The Progress Chip contains:
    1. Badge Icon with appropriate color.
    2. Name
    3. Current Count out of
    4. Award Level Count
    5. Link to the Badge's Site

Alternative Paths

None at this time.


Accurate pictures of progress against various open badges is available for the User to see, and User can follow the link to learn more about the Badge, how it is awarded and what should be done to accomplish the badge.



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