Camera Based Capture

Use Case: Camera-based Location Capture

You're out and about, spot something interesting and take a picture. As a sharing option, bring the photo into the application and have it create a candidate Location.

Implementation Notes

  • At this time, there isn't a good way for an Ionic App to be added to the "intent" (android) that allows the app to show in the list of sharing options. However, there is functionality to present the gallery, choose image(s) from the gallery and bring those into the app.
  • Yet, the location information within the gallery a) needs to be turned on within the camera (and the API doesn't appear to be available) and b) the resolution is only down to seconds of arc (about 25-30 meters in Atlanta).
  • This steers us toward using the GeoLocation to capture location info.
  • Using GeoLocation might steer us toward a couple of other options for this Use Case:
    • Offer a "Take Picture" and turn into Location
    • Offer a "Here I Am", let's make it a Location (but that isn't really a Camera-based Capture, is it?)


  • Steward
  • Contributor (NOTE: This actor name isn't actually in our Actor catalog, but perhaps it should.)


  • Device that can take pictures and has the app installed.


  1. Take a picture.
  2. Choose a sharing option.
  3. The app opens and picks up location information from the device.
  4. If this is a new location, the editor is opened to allow adding information.
  5. If this is an existing location, that location is opened with the option to add image to existing location or create a new location.
  6. Editing continues according to the Use Cases for editing location.

Alternative Paths

  • Images from the gallery may be selected and shared via the app.



  • Image is added to either a new location or an existing location.


Camera Design

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