Create Attraction In Field

Use Case: Create Attraction in Field

When in the field, the actor's device is able to be used to supply the coordinates of a New Attraction. This Use Case describes creating a New Attraction.

If the Attraction is "On Network", the attraction will automatically be connected to the network. If not, the new Attraction will show up in the list of Off Network Attractions.

Building up an Attraction can happen incrementally. The Main Course below describes a minimal recommendation for Field Capture.


  • Contributor
  • Ranger


  • Logged in with a GPS-enabled device with camera


  1. Ride up to an attraction
  2. Select to view Attraction Map. Current position on map is shown with nearby defined attractions and paths also shown (in case the location has already been captured).
  3. If no location has been captured, an option to create a new location is provided.
  4. Give it a Name and optional description.
  5. Take a picture to be used as the Featured Image.

Alternative Paths

Alternatives at this point are:

  • Choose a Location Type
  • Capture some puzzles about the attraction.


  • Tie this into Google Places (whose Type would override any other selection of type)


  • Attraction is saved in the database
  • Points are awarded to the contributor
  • Map is updated with the Attraction (which may or may not be "On Network")


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