CRS-01 Select Course

Use Case: Select Course

When Preparing an Outing, the Guide will need details about the Course to make sure the Outing can be scheduled. This provides the data required to help make that scheduling decision.


  • Guide


  • There are Courses to be reviewed.
  • The Guide knows where and when they would like to schedule the outing.
  • They are in the middle of the Prepare Outing Use Case.


At the appropriate point in the Prepare Outing workflow:

  1. A candidate Course will be selected from a list.
  2. Check Scheduled Time
      1. Selection will validate the schedule against any time constraints for either the route or any of the locations covered by the Course.
      2. Selection will also validate against the expected lighting conditions given the sunrise and sunset times for the scheduled day.
      3. Given a course selection, the validity of the chosen scheduled time can be re-evaluated as the scheduled time is adjusted.
  3. Select Starting Location // Loop Courses allow this //
      1. For Loop Courses, the starting location can be chosen from the list of locations. The order of locations is fixed (for a given course instance although two courses may follow the same set of paths in the opposite order).

Alternative Paths

  • None at this time


The ID of the selected Course, along with the Start Pin for the Course are chosen and added to the Outing.



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