CRS-02 Present Course Info

Use Case: Present Course Info

Invited Seekers trying to decide whether to accept an invitation to join an outing on the Course will want to know time, location, and any preparation for participating in this course. This Use Case provides that information.

NOTE: Loop Courses may have a different starting location per Outing, but for Courses with a defined start and end, those start and end locations could be shared with the user outside of an Outing.

Not sure if this is an alternate path or not.


  • Invited Seeker


  • Invitation has been received (perhaps by email)
  • Invitation has been accepted or declined within the app, and the Outing Page is available.


Primary path describes viewing the information from within the Application. Alternatives are below.

  1. Open the Outing Page

Alternative Paths

  • Viewing an Email Invite


Seeker is able to view from the Outing these details about the Course:
- Starting Location on a Map
- Short description of the Course
- Link to the Wiki page for the Course describing
- How long it will take to complete
- What food and drink options will be available
- What to bring (cash, sunscreen, water, lock)

More details on the Invitation page.



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