CRS-03 Place Course On Map

Use Case: Place Routes and Locations on Map

The Game-playing Seeker will view a map to the next location after solving a puzzle at their current location. The map's route and locations come from the Course.


  • Seeker


  • Within the Player App, the Guide has started the game.


The map is shown whenever the team is in the "Rolling" state. This page is reached whenever:

  • Game State changes such that the Guide declares the team is ready to Roll (usually once everyone has had a try at solving the puzzle).
  • The Seeker has delved into a location and returns back to the map.

Alternative Paths

  • None at this time


Feature Display

  • Unlocked icon for visited locations
  • Locked icon for locations awaiting the solved puzzle
  • Unlocked icons and the upcoming icon link to Location page
  • Route / Path — green for completed and blue for current.

Further details regarding the Rolling Page here:



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