Identify Yourself

Use Case: Identify Yourself

The primary identification for a Member is their registered device (registration-design). There may be times however, when the system needs to confirm that device. One of those is during the registration of the device. Supplying an email address serves these purposes:

  1. Establishing the principal for an individual member
  2. Constructing a trust relationship via the email account (confirmation email)
  3. Naming the principal under which badges will be issued.


  • New Member or Returning Member


There is at least one case when this Use Case would begin. There are future scenarios that would confirm a credential.

This Use Case begins when the New Member wishes to confirm their identity as part of the Device Registration.


  1. Establish Email address to use:
    1. When available, User's existing email address is presented as the candidate principal to use and the user is asked to confirm or choose another email.
    2. When not available, user has option to login via social media (Google or Facebook); email address is picked up from there.
  2. Submit the request after choosing the email/account to use.
  3. The user is then requested to check their email for a confirmation email at that address.
  4. Within the received email is a link that expires within a few minutes. Following that link will confirm that the New Member is in control of that email address.
  5. New Member is informed of a successful registration.

Alternative Paths

  • If the email isn't confirmed within the time period
    • Supplied email address is dropped and
    • Previous email address remains the default
    • Failure notice is shown within the original application.


  • Member principal is established as confirmed.


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