INV-01 Create Team

Use Case: Create Team

Those participating in a given Outing can be given a Team name. Each Team member should have a valid account on the system before scheduling the Team for an Outing, but members can be added at any time and without verified accounts up until the team invites are sent INV-03 Send Invitations.




  • User is authenticated and holds the Guide Badge.


  1. Navigate to Team List to view a list of recent teams; allows checking there isn't already a Team with the same name that is already In-Progress.
  2. Provide a (candidate) Name for the Team. The team may wish to rename themselves later, but this is a proposed name to make it easier to remember in the lists of Teams.
  3. Add Guests from existing list of Users with Profiles. Auto-suggest will be useful once we have a substantial number of Guests with Profiles. A query might be necessary as well.
  4. Guide should be presented with the option to Create WP User which adds a new user to the list NOTE: There is a technical issue which may mean the creation of the user occurs within WordPress instead of from within the App. More details are given in the Use Case Create WP User
  5. Changes are automatically persisted.

Alternative Paths

No alternative paths at this time.


Team is available to be chosen as part of Prepare Invitations


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