INV-03 Send Invitations

Use Case: Send Invitations

Once a set of invitations for an outing has been approved for sending, it can be forwarded to the email server for sending.

There may be additions to the invite list after other invitations have been sent.

The invitation may be forwarded to other new seekers who are not yet members.




  • User is authenticated and holds the Guide Badge.
  • Invitation's return address must have been confirmed by Guide creating the invite.
  • Invitation's outing must be scheduled in the future (others may join in a ride-in-progress, but they won't get credit if they aren't present at the time the Team is Confirmed.



Alternative Paths

No alternatives at this time.
Well, need to work out the alternatives mentioned in the UC description above.


Prepared Emails have been sent to each of the team members.


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