INV-06 Accept Invitation

Use Case: Accept Invitation

Members acknowledge their receipt of an invitation by accepting the invitation. This lets the Guide know they have the App installed and registered, and that they intend to ride with the team.

There will be another chance to cover the fundamentals of the game as part of the Pre-Ride Review conducted at the start of the ride, but Receive Invitation should cover most of the preparation to play the game.


  • Guest Seeker (Member or New Member)
  • Armchair Seeker (Future and covered by Invite to Demo)


Use Case begins either


  1. The Email provides the information defined on the page Invite Contents. This is the event that alerts the user to open their application for accepting the invitation.
    1. For new users, the invitation mentions that accepting the invite will occur after registration has occurred.
    2. For existing users, the invitation is a trigger to open the app for accepting the invite.
  2. Upon opening the application, upcoming invites are displayed if they are available. (Given there is likely to be only a single invite in the near future, there is probably not a need to select from a list; the intention to accept an invite would be done one at a time and in order if there are more than one.)
  3. Presenting the Invite details should provide the following at a minimum (there are other options available that a new user should probably be made aware of — see New Member Training):
    1. Date and Location
    2. Name of the Course
    3. Guide's Name
    4. Accept / Decline button
  4. Upon Acceptance
    1. Option to request an ICS calendar entry to place this on the calendar (Add Outing to Calendar)
    2. Next Steps link to take them to New Member Training

Alternative Paths

None at this time.


The use case ends when the Guest has joined the team.

  • Member is joined to the Team.
  • Invitation may still be forwarded to others — who will need to register on their own.


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