PLAY-00 View Attraction

Use Case: View Attraction

As a Seeker either at an Attraction or having visited an Attraction,
I would like to know more about the Attraction,
So I can see how it connects to the community.

Specifically, I would like to know:
- Why would people gather here — what makes it interesting,
- What it looks like so I can recognize it and describe it to others,
- Where it is in relation to other nearby features,
- How to get to it if I want to come back,


  • Seeker - main target of this functionality.
  • Guide - Useful for them to know so they can highlight for Seekers.


  • Attractions are "revealed" as the game is played starting with the Invitation. Any attraction that has been visited during the course of the game can be pulled up and the details viewed.


  1. Choose the Attraction from any of the following:
    1. Invitation
    2. Map
    3. List
  2. The following information is presented:
    1. Name of the Attraction
    2. Carousel of images with the "Featured" image being presented first.
    3. Description including any relevant links.

From this page, the user can navigate:

  • Via Menu to offered locations (may depend on the path that led to this page)
  • Back to the Map with this attraction as the center.
  • Back to the Map with current location as the center.
  • Back button to return to last view.
  • Rotate through the images for the location
  • Follow one of the links within the description.

Alternative Paths

No Alternative Paths at this time, but …

Question: When this is part of a group, would we indicate the name of that group?

Question: An earlier version of this page had planned a way to see "progress" by using dots at the bottom of the page to show:
a) Total count of attractions by the number of dots
b) Visited attractions by "enabled" dots starting from the left
c) Current attraction being viewed by change of color or highlighting
Would we provide this information to the Seeker?


Seeker has options to

  • View images
  • Read about why people come here (including following links to other information)
  • Return to a Map



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