PLAY-13 Confirm Puzzle Solved

Use Case: Confirm Puzzle Solved

As the Guide leading the team,
I want to know when all team members have answered,
So I can signal that we're able to reveal the clues to the next location.


  • Guide


  • All team members have been given a chance to provide their answer to the puzzle.


  1. The Guide verbally confirms that everyone is ready.
  2. Upon confirmation, the Guide closes the Puzzle and signals to the app that we're now rolling to the next destination.

Alternative Paths

If the Guide can see that everyone has answered from the counts, they can announce they are about to reveal the next clue instead of confirming that everyone who has not answered is forfeiting their opportunity to give the answer.


The Rolling page shows the path to the next attraction, either

  • the next puzzler,
  • the destination when the course has one, or
  • a return to the start.



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