PLAY-14 Roll

Use Case: Roll

As a Seeker traveling to the next attraction,
I want directions, orientation, and access to location information,
So I can better connect to the community along the way.


  • Seeker


  • Guide has indicated we're rolling.


A map to the next location is shown containing the following:

  1. Current route from last location to the next location.
  2. Current position on that path.
  3. Locations and paths already visited.

The Seeker may pan and zoom the map.
The Seeker may choose to view details for any location shown on the map (See View Attraction). Navigation from that page should return to the Map.
The Seeker may choose to re-center the map on the current position of the team.

Alternative Paths

  • Visiting a given location on the map will take the Seeker to the information for that location, and the seeker can return to the map as long as the team is still rolling.

NOTE: Not recommended to interact with the app while riding.


This Use Case ends when the group has reached its destination.



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