PLAY-16: Complete Course

Use Case: Complete Course

When the final destination is reached after the last leg of riding, and all team members are present, the Guide indicates to the entire team that they have completed the course. The Complete Course narrative is described in more detail here.


  • Guide
  • Each Team Member


  • Team is riding on the last leg.
  • All team members have come to a stop at the last attraction and are prepared to use their mobile devices.


  1. Guide navigates to the Rolling Map page
  2. Guide indicates arrival. This triggers the award of the "Complete Course" achievement. This may confer new badges to participating members.
  3. All team members receive notification of the completion of the Course.
  4. Team members with new badges are notified of the new badge.
  5. The next page is the "Appreciation" page.

Alternative Paths

No alternative paths.


  • Team Members will view the Course Completion page with the details described in the narrative.
  • Team Members with new badges will view their new badge(s).
  • Team Members will view the Appreciation page which provides opportunity to take the next steps.



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