Register your Device

Use Case: Register your Device

Once registered, the device becomes part of your authentication — simply having the device is enough to show who you are.

One of the key pieces of identifying information is an email address. There is a confirmation process — which is described in this use case — establishing the desired email address to use for Badging.

Only registered devices may play the game or edit the data, so this is the first pre-requisite for many actions. It also establishes each of your sessions on the Clue Ride network.

Design is under Registering your Device.

Until SSO is implemented, registration is required for each application on a given device.


  • New Member's First install of a given App (in the absence of SSO, at least)
  • Existing Member's additional apps on a registered device
  • Existing Member's registration on a new device


  • Application is installed (Download and Install Application)
  • Device is not yet registered; once the app is registered on a given device, the opportunity to register is no longer provided.


Also see Identify Yourself

  1. Open the application. For unregistered devices, one of the few choices available after opening the app is to register the device. As explained on this opening page, your email address is used for awarding achievement badges. There are two ways of supplying this email address:
    1. Choosing the one associated with either a Google account or Facebook account (social login)
    2. Manually enter your email address and verify that address by supplying a password

The Social Login is the preferred method for not having to remember another password

  1. After choosing whether to login via Google or Facebook or to enter a separate email/password combo, you're taken to the appropriate screen that allows you to register.
    1. Social login returns and shows the email address chosen. An opportunity is provided to choose a different account / email, or even choose to enter a specific email.
    2. Entry of a specific email follows Identify Yourself
  2. Successful registration brings you to the welcome page of the application which displays indications of your identity (including your photo if available).

Alternative Paths

New install on a new device: no differences?

New install on a given device: no differences?


For the user:

  • They have access to all functionality that matches their role and achievement level.

On the System:

  • JWT (session) token can be fully assembled from the required data.
    • Hashed Registration ID created at the time the registration is submitted.
    • Device ID (perhaps MAC address of network channel) for detecting device changes.
    • Member's principal.
  • Link is established between:
    • the Member's credentials (email address) and
    • the Principal that represents the Member and
    • the WordPress / BuddyPress account



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