RNG-91 - Flag Attraction During Course Review

Use Case: Flag Attraction (Course Review)

As part of Course Review, and planning for a Course Review, a Guide may wish to record problems that need to be fixed.

  • For planning prior to the field work, the flags highlight spots that need attention.
  • Once in the field, flags capture details about updates that are easier to make once the field work is done.


  • Guide
  • Ranger


  • Permissions to run Ranger app.


  1. Choose Attraction on the map; brings up Edit page with Option button for flagging issues. The Attraction becomes part of the record.
  2. Tap Flag Issue button, a dialog presenting four issue reasons is shown: Safety, Fun-Factor, Accuracy, Timeliness. Zero, One or more can be selected. The reason(s) become(s) part of the record. (NOTE: At this time, trying it out with a single selection; enter a second flag if there is more than one reason an attraction is being flagged.)
  3. After making selection, another dialog is presented with a text field and a pull-down to select the element with the trouble. Only a single element can have the trouble — additional issues require additional flags. Text field is for suggesting a solution or further detailing the issue.
  4. Submitting will save the record against the Attraction.

Alternative Paths

  • Some attributes may have more than one value. In particular:
    • Links besides the main link
    • Images besides the preferred image
    • Puzzles
    • Answers to a Puzzle
  • As a first cut, the description will provide what is needed to distinguish until we have more data.


Attributes captured:

  • Attraction ID
  • Reason
  • Badge Event for opening (the badge event for closing might happen at this time).
  • Specific Element with issue (if relevant)
    • Name
    • Description
    • Main Link
    • Link (requires picking specific link)
    • Preferred Image
    • Image (requires picking specific Image)
    • Puzzle (requires picking specific Puzzle and/or Answer)
    • Categorization / Type
  • Text capture describing problem and possibly suggesting a fix.



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