Show Incomplete Locations

Use Case: Show Incomplete Locations / Places

Each Place starts out as a geographic Node reachable by the network, and not all Nodes will be interesting since many of them are simply the intersection of two or more Paths. However, if there is something interesting, we "upgrade" that Node to a Place.

The following attributes make the Place more interesting:

  • Name and Description
  • Featured Image
  • Clues related to the Place
  • Optional additional images
  • Place Classification (from Google Places API?)
  • Google Places
  • Tag Scores for various types of rankings

This Use Case helps find nearby Locations that could use some "field" attention.


  • User with Access to the Places module


  • User's device has GPS enabled
  • User can reach the ClueRide server via data or wifi connection


  1. Select the View Incomplete Places page
  2. A map with default settings is displayed with the following attributes:
    • centered on the user's current location
    • Indication whether user's current location is "on network" or "off network"
    • sized so a configurable number of "needy" places fit on the map,
    • network connections that reach those locations
  3. Each location shown is tappable.
    • When tapped, the Location Editor is presented for that Place.
    • If the Flag Clues Missing option is selected, the Clues Editor is opened
    • When editing is in progress (editor open to that location), the map changes the color and locks the location for that user.
  4. A long tap allows flagging the location:
    1. Ignore (user-flagged location; useful for temporarily removing from the map)
    2. Report problem
  5. Via a menu, a few options are presented:
    1. Only show named nodes with other missing data (default true)
    2. Only show Featured Image Missing (default false)
    3. Only show Clues Missing (default false)
    4. Hide user-Flagged (default true)

Alternative Paths

If any editor screen is left open, the lock will expire after 15 minutes.


  • Once a Location has a complete set of data, it is removed from the list presented for the user's location.
  • Counts of the User's activity are tallied against their Badge Progress.


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