SSE-01 Attach To A Session

Use Case: Attach to an SSE Session

When a seeker joins an in-progress Outing, two things should occur: 1) State of the joining seeker should match the other team members and 2) there should be no disruption to the state of the existing sessions.


  • Seeker joining an Outing
  • One or more Seekers who are active in the same Outing


  • All seekers are part of the same Team on the same Outing.
  • One seeker has the app closed or otherwise inactive; they do not have an active SSE session.
  • At least one seeker has the app open to an active SSE session.


  1. Active Seekers are at an Attraction and answering a puzzle.
  2. Inactive Seeker opens the app.

Alternative Paths

  • Active Seekers are rolling toward an Attraction.
  • Inactive Seeker opens the app.


  • Main Case
    • The joining seeker is presented with the puzzle (if they have not answered it) or presented with the answer summary (if they have answered it)
    • Answering the puzzle would update the counts on the answer summary screen of the other seekers.
    • Other seekers answering the puzzle would show on the joining seekers summary page (in aggregate).
  • Alternate Case
    • The joining seeker is shown the map (rolling page) and the active segment matches that of the active seekers.



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