USAD-01 Create WP User

Use Case: Create WordPress User

This UC has a) a FUTURE as well as b) a first-cut that takes advantage of existing code.

Right now, there would be some involved design work to provide properly constructed users within WordPress that can be recognized by ClueRide. Approaches:

  1. Create New User using the WordPress back-end and then propagate the changes over into ClueRide when the user is selected to participate on a Team (or invitations about to be sent).
  2. Create User within the App by using the Form-Submission method.

In either case, we're supplying the same information that is provided for the WordPress back-end.


  • Guide


  • Guide has been given the admin privilege within WordPress


From WordPress:

  1. Navigate to the Users -> Add New User screen
  2. Enter the following Data:
    1. Email - See Email Address Context for details
    2. First Name & Last Name
    3. Username - also called their alias or login name
    4. Accept "Subscriber" as the role they will play on the WordPress (not BadgeOS) site
    5. No need to send email at this time (this is an option that defaults to "on" for WordPress)
    6. Check the "Subscriber" choice for UAM
  3. Confirm creating the User

Alternative Paths

  • FUTURE: The Guide would only need to choose Email, First and Last names and be able to perform this within the INV module.
    • Username comes from that portion of the Email address.
    • Subscriber would be automatically chosen for both WordPress and UAM
    • Won't try to send the email.


  • User's account is ready to accept achievements.
  • User is able to login to their account via Social Media which carries the matching email address.
  • User may be validated against a team.


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