USAD-02 Get List Of Users

Use Case: Get List of User

As a Guide assembling a team, I want to get a list of Badge-eligible Users, so that everyone on the team has a pre-verified set of information.

As part of Creating the Team, the Guide would also setup new accounts in WordPress using the "back-end". This establishes a working record — without password credentials, Social Auth pictures, or Auth0 credentials — that would allow assignment of achievements and badges.


  • Guide
  • Guide in Training


  • Guide account has been given (WordPress) rights to add users.
  • Team is being assembled.


  1. Request a list of current users. For team assembly, the list should be filtered to only show those users not already placed on the team.
  2. Allow choosing from the list, multiple at a time would be helpful.

Alternative Paths

  • Auto-suggest would be helpful as the list grows.
  • Allowing for a filtered set of results will be good (FUTURE: what are the criteria?)


Appropriate list of valid users is made available for selection.



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