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Use Case: Administer Use Cases

When documenting a Use Case, having a template helps organize the work.

Good things to consider:

  • Think in terms of what goes in and what comes out. This helps define the value to the User(s).


  • Use Case Writers


  • Logged in under Account on Wikidot
  • Have clear idea of what value is being provided by the Use Case


  1. Create a new page in the 'uc' category by prefixing the name with 'uc:'.
  2. Fill in the sections between the ==== lines with the 'guts' of the Use Case.
  3. Add the tag 'uc'
  1. Update the Use Case Catalog

Alternative Paths

  • No alternative courses at this time


  • Use Case Catalog is updated.
  • Use Case is documented on the wiki.
  • Use Case can be reached via the 'uc' tag.
  • Appropriate links to other pages allow navigating.


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