Using Eclipse

Eclipse Plugins

  • SubClipse - Version Control (one option)
    • Eclipse Plugin - Chose Subclipse as the Eclipse PlugIn. This was based on a post from a subversion developer who indicated much closer ties between the Subclipse team and the Subversion team than between the Subversive team and Subversion.
    • Eclipse Update site:
    • Selected everything available except the last SVNKit that was not required. (Did include MyLyn; I'm loving this tool.)
    • On machines where you aren't able to install the JavaHL libraries, you'll want to use SVNKit which is a Java-only implementation. You'll select which client to use under "Window -> Preferences -> Team -> SVN"


Steps for earlier version of Mapping Project

Deprecated: No longer pursuing this, but using GWT under Maven instead.

  • Get the Web Dev package (find details of this)
  • Open a new Dynamic Web project
  • Optional: I connected this to CVS so I could track changes
  • Created a new HTML page within the root of the project (not sure if this is the desired spot or not)
  • Ran the Google Maps Wizard ( to generate a chunk of code that was pasted between the head and body sections of the HTML.
  • Tried it out by opening With a web browser (from inside Eclipse, as a default).
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