Visual Route Catalog

The Visual Route Catalog (API) displays multiple routes on a map simultaneously. Very few tools on the internet do this well, although several display a single route at a time. The various features listed below are intended for different users. This table maps between the features and the user groups.

Feature User Example(s)
Capture of GPX routes directly from Anyone collecting routes for a catalog (Map Maker) Collecting Commuter Routes
Import of KML routes Anyone collecting routes for a catalog (Map Maker) Internal routine at this time; but this page is one result generated from a KML Source
Show Catalog by tag Anyone looking for an appropriate route taken by other cyclists (User) Commute Routes Rec Road Rides from VaHi Velo 3rd Friday Commute Routes
Prepare sets of routes for presentation Anyone putting together maps for multiple routes (Web Publisher) Proposed Sharrow Locations Dirty Dozen hills inside perimeter (with stats) Color-coded bike facilities
One-click importing/saving of KML Anyone collecting routes for a catalog (Map Maker) Not yet built
Exporting of routes to Open Cycle Map Anyone building routes inside Open Cycle Map (Map Maker) Not yet built
Route searching; click to find routes Anyone looking for routes in a geographic area (User) Not yet built
Find nearby bike commuters Anyone interested in joining others for their bike commute (Web Publisher) Not yet built / UC EnterCommuteProfile UC Claim Route
Ability to 'checkbox' in/out overlays such as water fountains, hills, facilities Pulling together features of a route (User) under development UC Select Route Overlays
Creating Overlay files automatically based on a selection of routes to be grouped into a 'tag' Compiling Hill or Hazard List (Map Maker) under development UC Assemble Overlays UC Export Overlays

Related sub-projects

Bike Trains

Feature User Example(s)
Bike Train Publishing routes that people make on their commutes and invite others to roll along (Web Publisher) (as of version 1.5) []
Manage Bike Trains CRUD on Bike Train information and its route to the database for publishing (User & Web Publisher) UC Enter Bike Train UC Edit Bike Train UC Copy Bike Train UC Delete Bike Train
Bike Train with info Panel Extension of Route Publishing for bike commuters and inviting others (Web Publisher) under development UC Get Bike Train Details
Bike Train Display Grouping Compile routes into a Display Group (Web Publisher) under development UC Group Bike Trains
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