Holding spot for WildFly Application Server topics until they need to be refactored.

Use of WildFly was driven by the combined aggravation of

  1. long dev cycle times for running Tomcat
  2. Inability to get Jetty to run JPA 2.1 (spec'd as Java EE 7)
  3. Inability to hot swap code

Other nice things that should come out of this:

  • Credentials for Email Service and Database Service will be held in the container
  • Superior management tools

I found this product by looking at open-source containers that supported Java EE 7: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_Platform,_Enterprise_Edition

Running as a Service

WordPress article showing how it's done

  • Starting/Stopping the service:
sudo service wildfly [ start | stop | restart ]

Debug Mode

  • Changed the default within the `./bin/standalone.sh` file.

Log Locations

  • ./standalone/log/server.log
  • /home/wildfly/clueride_app.log
  • /var/log/wildfly/console.log


Turning on WADL

Some Tasks

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